the expert way

typically radio represents just 5% of your agency’s billings yet occupies 15% of your agency’s time – we’re here to solve that problem. we make radio easy for you.

our team comprises some of the most
talented people in the radio business

What sets us apart is the breadth of our experience, the depth of our capabilities and the flexibility of our approach. We combine market intel with trading agility, audience analysis with creative thinking to deliver effective, impactful radio campaigns.

We value every client we work for and every piece of business we work on.
It’s what we do because it’s who we are.

Whether you are considering airtime, promotions, sponsorships or production...
Whether the brief is for a launch, sales, branding, reactive, response or tactical campaign...
Or whether you just need some good advice on which route to take...
Talk to us. We are the radio experts.

why radio experts?

We focus on results. From meticulous targeting through to full post-campaign analysis, at radio experts your challenge becomes our challenge.

We exist because we know this business inside out. If the radio marketplace were static and audio advertising not evolving at a million miles an hour you wouldn’t need us.

But actually, making radio campaigns work effectively for you and your clients is hard to do.

It takes steady minds and heaps of experience.
It takes passion, dedication and hard graft.
It takes experts.

the magic and the logic

Years of experience have taught us that successful radio campaigns start with asking one important question;
“How do we make this work?”

It is the creative’s first question but at radio experts it’s also the media team’s first question. By asking it as one team we also respond as one team. Our media department focuses on how to target your audience effectively, whilst our creative team hones in on how to persuade listeners to respond to your ad.

We ensure that the company’s resources are channeled into a single creative and strategic route, so that your campaign runs at the right time, displays in the right place, communicates the right message and hence delivers the desired result.

Our creative solutions are the best in the business, rooted in understanding your brand, addressing your objectives and making sure we deliver tangible results.

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safe hands

Our diligence, our experience, our creativity and our focus on building effective campaigns combine to ensure that your radio campaigns are in safe hands.

The campaign journey can be a complex one. We begin by getting under the skin of your target audience and using audience measurement data RAJAR to pinpoint when and where they listen, which enables us to craft the right schedule for your brand. Drawing upon our longstanding trading experience we then negotiate with the station groups to leverage market-leading airtime value. This is where understanding the marketplace dynamics comes in to play, as we unlock maximum value for your campaign.

At radio experts we pride ourselves in offering a full service, project managing your campaign every step of the way. We monitor the activity throughout its life cycle, verifying placement and delivery, and reporting full campaign analysis back to you upon completion.

But it doesn't end there; post campaign we will capture valuable learnings and make sure that we share and apply those, along with our sector intel, to refine subsequent activity for your brand.

Over the years, we’ve found that it’s all about trust really, and you can trust us to make your audio campaigns the very best they can be.

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