advert production

85% of what we know, we've learned through listening.

there’s no doubt that sound
has a profound effect on all of us

It’s an extremely powerful human sense. So powerful that it can influence us physiologically, cognitively, psychologically and behaviourally.

Our radio experts are well versed in the science of sound and they’re trained to harness its power to create persuasive, engaging, effective audio for brands.

our approach

If 85% of what we know we learn by listening, then this is our starting point...

We listen to your brand objectives and to the business challenge that the radio campaign has been planned to address. We do this by taking a thorough brief.

A radio brief is different to a communications brief. It asks very specific questions that are vital to delivering a successful radio campaign. One of our experienced radio experts will then interrogate the brief, looking for subtle nuances to develop a clear perspective on what the message should be and how best to communicate it to the target audience.

Once we have a clear brief, our creative team go to work on developing a number of creative concepts which meet your communications objectives. Our team comprises dedicated radio copywriters with a real passion for the medium and know how to get the very best from it.

When the creative concepts are approved, our skilled production experts collaborate with the writing team to transform these ideas into brilliant pieces of audio persuasion.

Pinpoint scrutiny of the brief, applied learnings, total dedication and oodles of creativity... At radio experts we weave it all together to make outstanding radio creative.

bringing brands to life

It’s not just what you say, it’s the way that you say it...

Brand perception is everything. We live in a world of infinite consumer choice and your message needs to cut through the clutter.

People make decisions based on the rational and the emotional. Instant judgements are often made based on how people perceive a brand to sound, just as we do when we hear a person's voice on the other end of the telephone.

You only get one shot at this so it's important to get it right. At radio experts we "get" tone and timbre and the impact they have.

From selecting voices, music and sound effects to producing bespoke sonic identities, our production team works hard to ensure that every element is carefully considered and is completely aligned to the ethos of a brand.

A good radio ad conveys the message about the product or service. A brilliant ad constructs a compelling brand personality which makes the consumer feel good about the choices they’re making.

We recognise the importance of this; our role is to craft audio which wraps the two together seamlessly to deliver the right message in the right tone, bringing your brand to life on air.

Scroll down for some of our favourite work...

Daventry UTC

Attracting prospective students is a highly competitive business. This ad uses just the right voice with carefully selected sound effects to help Daventry UTC promote its amazing courses.

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Explore Worldwide

Radio can take you anywhere in the world. This ad for Explore demonstrates how the power of sound can transport the listener to the rainforest of Costa Rica.

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Federation of Master Builders

This is an example of how a well-cast celebrity can make an ad stand-out. Tommy Walsh was the perfect choice for this campaign for the Federation of Master Builders.

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International Citizen Service

This ad for the Government's International Citizen Service uses real volunteers to encourage others to help poor communities in the 3rd world.

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berry bros and rudd
(old number 3)

Our agency friends at Piracy Corporation introduced us to a venerable London gin distillery.

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sta travel

The power of using an authentic voice is simple but important. We scour the globe for the right voices, like this ad for holidays to Australia.

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power of sound

This superb piece articulates some of our core beliefs about the power of sound in today’s world.

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charles stanley

We produced this ad as one of 5 for this highly successful yet refreshingly irreverent Investment broker.

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performing rights society

When the Performing Rights Society wanted to promote music artists, they chose us to make their ad #proud.

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They don’t make ‘em like this anymore – but we do! We licensed and recreated a classic Frank Sinatra track for one of our house-builder clients to convey the timeless quality of their homes and the use of the word “Very” in their brand strategy…

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This national campaign is a real ear worm from our good friends at Orchestra. Working in studio, Orchestra and Radio Experts cosied up to CHAS & DAVE as they recreated their classic track ‘Margate’.

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Ahhhh Mariella Frostrup. There was no shortage of volunteers at Radio Experts to attend the recording session. For us, this is great example of a well chosen famous voice on a campaign.

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music production

Music is an incredibly powerful way to communicate a message and build a brand. We licensed and then re-recorded this classic Jimmy Cliff track for one of our homebuilder clients.

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juice fm / norwegian airlines

Working with Orchestra, we implemented a superb branded content campaign for Norwegian to highlight that they now fly from Liverpool to Denmark.

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How does a well-established car dealer on the south coast stand out from the rest? With a souped-up 70s soul funk theme of course! Using an all-star cast of singers and musicians plus a smooth laid back voice we really got their brand into the groove…

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power of voice

The human voice is one of the simplest but most complex tools in all of nature. Here we explore some understandings that help us to harness its power for radio campaigns.

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Eden Project

Sometimes you put two seemingly incongruous ideas together and it works. One of our agency partners wrote a script featuring an Easter Egg hunt and a racing commentator for the Eden Project and this production is the result.

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Manchester Golf Show

Spotify is a more intimate medium than radio where getting the listener to click through is key. So for this Spotify ad for a golf show in Manchester we captured the intimacy of golf commentary during a tricky crucial shot…

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